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Welcome Your baby's development Knowledge & Reassurance Why Measure Milestones?
The Developing Childhood program assists families with a child 0 to 3 years old to track their development and also to assist with encouraging milestone development through play-based activities. Parents using this program get to celebrate each small milestone they see their child achieve. I love seeing how fathers also learn to interact with their child using the program helping both parents build a strong bond with their child 


Geraldine McKinnon, State Co-ordinator Baby Bridges Program
An initiative of the Horizon Foundation Inc

I have never seen a program or screening tool as effective and comprehensive as the Developing Childhood program. Every child who uses the program has the best possible chance of normal development regardless of their background 


Dr Melinda Richards
B App Sc (HMS) (hons) (QUT, Brisbane), PhD (QUT, Brisbane),
Developer of Funtastic Creations Programs

As a Mum I find it empowering that I can track my child's development progress and if necessary, be implementing strategies specifically developed to consolidate his milestones. As an Occupational Therapist I am impressed that such a program has been developed as it will enable and encourage early intervention, which is the key to promoting progress in children 


Lisa Foster,
B Occ Thy (UQ, Brisbane)

I just wanted to tell you how great your Developing Childhood is. It was so easy to do and the ideas so practical and easy to follow. It is hard to know with babies like Steven who have poor muscle tone what they are meant to be doing. Steven's caregiver also found the ideas and suggestions very beneficial and we both have been putting into place as many of the ideas as possible 


New Zealand

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