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Developing Childhood

Developing Childhood is a unique consumer e-health tool developed and delivered by a consortium made up of three organisations: Developing Childhood Pty Ltd, Developing Foundation Inc. and FOBIC Research Pty Ltd.

Our Vision

Our vision is that every child should be given the opportunity to progress through development without hindrance or delay.

Our belief is that this is every child’s right.

Our Objectives


  • To supply personalised programs to infants and children to promote normal brain development and to provide real time detection and intervention of developmental delay.
  • To educate parents about the connection between brain growth and the normal stages of development, and the importance of the first three years of life to the overall development of the brain.
  • To further the knowledge in the medical and therapeutic community about brain development and function with the objective of improving the rehabilitation of people affected by developmental delay and brain injury.
  • To collect and analyse data about normal development to assist further research into the prevention of developmental delays and subsequent neurological problems.


Developing Childhood Pty Ltd

Developing Childhood Pty Ltd is the owner of the Developing Childhood intellectual property and its supporting software application. Shareholders of the organisation include Ian Hunter, Developing Foundation Inc. and Life Marketing Pty Ltd. Ian Hunter (Principal of Neuro-Developmental Therapy Programs - www.braintherapy.com.au) and the executives of these organisations have worked together since 1977 in the field of assessment and development programs.

The concept of providing parents with a proactive method to monitor and enhance their children’s milestone development was first thought of as a book by Ian Hunter in the late 1990’s. Pam Burgess (Principal of Life Marketing Pty Ltd and an original member and founder and currently CEO of The Developing Foundation Inc.) saw the potential of the concept being delivered online. In 2008, the Board of Management of The Developing Foundation Inc. resolved to provide the funding required for the development of Developing Childhood.

Thus the extraordinary collaborative journey of Developing Childhood began, requiring extensive research, design and development.

The Developing Foundation Inc.

The Developing Foundation Inc. is a registered charity established in Queensland in 1978 to support families caring for a child or adult with brain injury or developmental disability. The organisation also operates three 100%-owned, not-for-profit entities: FOBIC Programs Pty Ltd, FOBIC Research Pty Ltd and FOBIC Holdings Pty Ltd. The main activities of the group include support and information services, fund raising, property management and development programs. Multi sensory development programs are offered within participating Child Care Centres. The organisation is an approved provider of services for Disability Services Queensland and is Quality Assured. Its administration and assessment centre is located in Auchenflower, Brisbane, QLD.

FOBIC Research Pty Ltd

The Developing Foundation Inc., through its 100% owned subsidiary, FOBIC Research Pty Ltd, a nonprofit, tax exempt organisation, has been granted the license to market Developing Childhood within Australasia.


The Developing Childhood products were designed by Ian Hunter, a Brain Injury Therapist since 1975 with vast experience in providing developmental programs for children and adults with developmental disability and brain injury. Ian Hunter is also the author of Brain Injury – Tapping the Potential Within (Hill of Content, 1986). www.braintherapy.com.au

Software Development

Baseline Solutions is a technology company in Melbourne which specialises in web development, e-commerce, systems analysis, software development, and development of a range of software products for vertical markets. The guidance and expertise of Joel, Michael, Charlie and the Baseline team has ensured the production of an exceptional software application. www.baselinesolutions.com.au

Other Partners

Red Candy Creative at www.redcandy.com.au took great care and attention to designing fabulous pictures, words and images to make us stand out amongst the crowd.

Special acknowledgement is made of the invaluable contribution made freely by the mothers, fathers and their children seen in the photographs and videos included in Developing Childhood.

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