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Re-Launch of Developing Childhood

Following the successful launch of Developing Childhood in 2010 and the feedback we have received, we are very excited to re-launch this unique and exciting program.

To celebrate the new look of Developing Childhood, all current members will be provided a full subscription and may continue on the program and able to check their child’s milestones up to 36 months, from birth until three years.


New Look Web Site

We have improved our home page with informational videos showing our assessment and milestone development activities.

Access to Developing Childhood is now through a one-off subscription price of $95 which allows checking of 36 months of milestones, from birth until three years.


Improved Application Facilities

The main features of the software application upgrade:

  • Access to milestone checking at anytime and regenerated reports whenever milestones are updated. Subscribers will still receive the usual monthly reminder to come back and do the next month’s milestone checking.
  • The Free Trial allows full access to the milestone checking for all six functional areas (Vision, Auditory, Tactile, Movement, Speech, and Hand Function). A one-time full milestone checking is offered, and a complete set of reports is generated, including the Developing Update and Developing Strategies.
  • Automated referral system will provide referrals to appropriate community health professionals for children struggling to keep up with their milestones.
  • Automated referral system will provide real time intervention for children slipping behind.
  • Milestone chart can now be printed from a pdf.
  • Approved Distributor facility. Approved Distributors will be appointed throughout Australasia to promote the Developing Childhood vision of that every child should be given the opportunity to progress through development without hindrance or delay.
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A one-off payment is all it takes to join this exciting program that can benefit your child for life.

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